10 Songs about Friendship Suitable for Farewell Moment with Friends

10 Songs about Friendship Suitable for Farewell Moment with Friends
10 Songs about Friendship Suitable for Farewell Moment with Friends
Parting with friends certainly makes us sad really. Before officially parting with friends, let us sing a friendship song to express how valuable the friend is to us. Here are 10 songs about friendships we can sing while parting with and for friends:

Top 10 Songs about Friendship

1. I'm Only Me When I'm With You – Taylor Swift

The Project was done by Tay along with two of his companions while attending the University of Abigail Anderson and Kellie Pickler. From the title we agree Yes, girls if we are very self-confident when with friends.

2. Wannabe – Spice Girls

Although the song was 22 years old because it was released in 1996, Wannabe remained a mandatory song for friendship. There is nothing more enjoyable than fun with friends.

3. Real Friends – Camila Cabello

Fans had thought that the song was intended for Fifth Harmony because of the lyrics that tell how a person feels lonely and seeks a friend. However, after further confirmation, the song is a feeling of Camila when it looks at the bustling city of Los Angeles but is actually deserted. Feelings like "Los Angeles" can only be filled by real friends.

4. All My Friends – Jacob Sartorius

The year 2017 release of the song tells of one's longing for all his friends. These feelings are sure to be experienced and ' I want to see all my friends ' is the only desire.

5. The Friendship – Demi Lovato Ruin

When Demi released this song, fans thought that this song was aimed at Nick Jonas. Friendship with the opposite gender sometimes makes one among them baper. This song is suitable for us to hear if we feel the same, girls.

6. Friends – Meghan Trainor

Every time we spend with friends is a precious time. Just like one of the lyrics of this song that makes the Baper "Cause I got all my friends with me."

7. Always Be Together – Little Mix

Always be together and prove that with friends everything is more powerful, that's Little Mix. This song tells the story of how a friendship never changes.

8. True Friends – Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus)

"You're true friend. You're here till the end. " From the lyrics alone we can already know what definition of friends yes, girls.

9. Me and My Girls – Fifth Harmony

Singing your favorite songs together and chatting all night is a common thing we do with friends. This activity is sure to make us miss when it is far away with friends.

10. Count on Me – Bruno Mars

According to Bruno Mars, friendship is about love and loyalty towards someone sincerely.




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